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Managing NFC with TapLive™

Our TapLive™ solution provides a cloud based management system to deploy and deliver content to NFC tags. TapLive™ can deliver a variety of information such as urls, videos, custom landing pages, polls, click-to-call, and more.

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What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. The technology allows for short-range communication between an NFC tag and mobile devices.

There are infinite uses for content delivery through NFC. Purple Deck Media's content delivery and management system allows you to have full control over the experience a user has when they tap their NFC enabled device. This technology can be used to deliver a website, file, video, contact information, and more.

NFC makes information and content readily available for any industry or organization. Our NFC tags can be created in over 500 variations, including stickers, arm bands, key fobs, industrial tags, inlays, and more.

Content Delivery and Management Solutions

TapLive™ simplifies mobile content delivery, further improving our society's access to information. Imagine banners that launch promotional videos, prescription bottles or food packaging delivering vital information, sporting stadiums becoming mobile interactive, and government organizations using NFC to deliver vital and secured information.

Businesses can develop content strategies for NFC to launch phone calls, GPS, landing pages, surveys, URLs, videos, and more in just a tap.


Know your exposure and usage with our useful metrics and analytics. In most marketing campaigns, you never know the direct impact. With our reporting tools you can see metrics of the NFC usage and other valuable information that can be used to further the campaign.

For government, medical, and other industries, we can determine when a tag was tapped and its content accessed. Contact us for more information about our reporting capabilities.

Customization Services

We offer customization services to tailor our system to whatever your need. Need to add NFC into your manufacturing process, existing cloud service, or need additional security services to your online content, let us know.

Our ability to customize to our customers' needs and provide the ability to deploy content to billions of NFC tags within seconds is what makes us different. Want a smart sporting stadium, museum, tour, medical system, or to enhance retail? We have the tools you need!

Not Ready for NFC?

TapLive™ manages QR codes too!

Purple Deck Media's TapLive™ also allows for management of QR codes. You can update deployed QR codes at any time and use many of the same features that are available for NFC using TapLive™.

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