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Content Delivery + Management

Take control of your mobile marketing efforts from an easy to use and comfortable interface. With this service offering, business owners and marketers can create a native platform application in minutes and update it in seconds. MobileDeck® provides you the power to create an application and customize it to your needs. Tools to build and brand a powerful app in minutes. Seriously!

Building Blocks

MobileDeck apps are built from pieces you select. Powering your apps with exciting content like news, events, Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, GPS features is as simple as playing with building blocks - or as we call them, modules. Choosing which modules you want to appear in your app and then updating them with content is easy - even if you aren't tech savvy! We have special modules too, like car listings, coupons, products, and menus, with more added all the time. Don't see what you need? We'll build it for you.

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Get Interactive

Beacons, geofences and push notifications are all tools that will take your mobile app to the next level! Stay connected with your customers with the latest technologies.

Push Notifications

Enhance your marketing strategy by using push notifications with your app. Notifications enable interactive information to keep customers up to date on important updates, promotions and events, videos, and more - keeping them engaged with your brand.


Beacons deliver content based on location using small Bluetooth devices. They detect smartphones that are nearby and give targeted content, such as coupons, videos, or upcoming events. Perfect for stadiums, stores and restaurants!


Geofences are virtual zones based on an address. When a customer goes through an area, you can send them a message, such as one welcoming them to your venue!

Dynamic Content

Content for geofences and beacons is both interactive and dynamic — that is, it can easily be changed at any time. You can choose actions for when customers enter and exit the beacon or geofence enabled areas. Both can push out the same kind of content - what makes them different, however, is how they work! Geofences are for a larger area, and beacons give more targeted content delivery.

Custom Branding

It's your app - so it should look unique! Brand your app with your own logo and color scheme. Our tool provides you with dozens of pre-built themes so you can get started quickly, without needing to hire a graphics designer.

  • Publish

    Once your shiny new app is ready to publish, you'll provide us additional information for billing and listing your app. We'll handle all the details of building your app and publishing it on the app stores.

  • Update

    After publishing, you can continue to change modules, update your theme, and modify your logos. The best part? All the changes you make are automatically updated on your customers devices - in minutes.

  • Measure

    Your MobileDeck account gives you unrestricted access to your app's analytics. See how many people have downloaded it, what devices they're connecting with, what content they visit the most, and other need-to-know details.

Compatible with both iOS & Android

Extend your customer reach with a MobileDeck® app, which is fully compatible with both iOS and Android. We handle all the details of publishing to the app stores so you can focus on what you do best.

Pick Your Plan

  • MobileDeck

    Our basic package, offering you everything that comes with publishing, updating and measuring your mobile app. Now with push notifications!

  • MobileDeck Proximity

    Includes all the great features from our basic MobileDeck package, but adds dynamic iBeacons and Geofences! These will take your app to the next level.