Purple Deck Media Announces TapLive Innovation Challenge

03/28/2017  |  Nathan Neil

Open to Students, Businesses, Non-Profits, Researchers, and other Individuals, who Demonstrate Innovative Use of TapLive and NFC

Want to win a variety of prizes up to $2,500? Nathan Neil, COO of Purple Deck Media revealed today a program to expand the reach and understanding of near field communication. The program is titled the TapLive Innovation Challenge, and the purpose of the program is to encourage businesses and individuals to explore the possibilities with Near Field Communication.

The program will go live, with more information on April 14th, 2017. Applicants will have until November 12th, 2017 to sign up for TapLive, use the service with NFC tags, and submit their project to be considered. There are few requirements for this challenge to keep it open for interesting uses of NFC technology to be adopted and implemented.

The guidelines for the challenge are simple:

Individuals or Student's Must Register for a Personal TapLive Account
Businesses Must Register for a Small Business TapLive Account
NFC Enabled Objects Must Display the N-Mark
You Must be a Resident of the United States of America to Enter

Neil said in a statement, "We will be here to support those who want to participate and assist where we can to aid them in implementing their idea. It is all about awareness, and this program is designed to educate, make the public excited about NFC, and showcase a few disrupters, who find a way to use the technology to change the way we look at the industry. We are really excited to see how different people use the product and even more excited for the awareness that this will bring to objects that are made interactive with NFC and the TapLive software platform."

All participants will be recognized for their participation in the program. The top semi-finalists will be announced in a press release, in addition to the announcement of the overall TapLive Innovator.

In addition, in making the program as accessible as possible, each participant will be given five NXP NTAG213 NFC stickers to use. Other NFC products will be available to those who register at a discounted rate from Proximity Shop.