Ship Alumni Gave Students Real World Advice

02/21/2017  |  Jess Malick

Two members of the Purple Deck team - Janelle DelSignore, Marketing & Sales Manager, and Nathan Neil, COO, spoke on a women's panel at Shippensburg University on Monday, February 20. Janelle and Nathan gave students at Ship some "real world" advice as graduates from the university who are now in the business world.

The panel was hosted by The Women Leaders of John L. Grove College of Business. They were recently formed just over a year ago, and are setting up events such as this panel to give their club members an insight on other successful women's - and men's - career paths.

"It's always great going back to my alma mater and giving advice to current students," said Nathan.

The panel consisted of questions given by Ship students for the alumni to answer. The speakers, including Janelle and Nathan, shared their life experiences and how they became successful in the business world. Other speakers included: Catherine Prince (VP of Development & Construction from VarTan Group), Mary McGrath (Account Exec. From Massimo Zanetti Beverages) and Jessica Henning (Director of Operations from Northwestern Mutual).

"The other people on the panel were inspiring, I learned a lot from them as well as a young woman professional," said Janelle.

The Women Leaders' idea behind the panel was to inform attendees that everyone has a different path after they graduate college, and that it is okay to have a few obstacles in life, like taking a year off or moving. They called it "The Real World Panel."

Janelle says, "It's something that I definitely would have taken advantage of if it was around when I was in college. I wish them the best and hope to be there for them in any way as alumni."

Chelsea Natale, President of Women Leaders, says "Nowadays for our generation, we think if something goes wrong, that we are failures and it's the end of the world - when it's obviously not! I think with the help of this panel and the questions we ask, we can really emphasize that."

The group also sets up other events similar to this women's panel, like mentoring events for resume building and job searching. They are hoping to give back to the community this semester by hosting a business clothing drive for college students with a tight budget.

"I was really interested and impressed with the group of girls who put together the women's panel," says Janelle.

Janelle and Nathan were excited to have the opportunity to answer questions from students at their alma mater, and share their successes after college in their lives and with Purple Deck!