The Connector by OSI | App Spotlight

02/17/2017  |  Jess Malick

What do you like about your app?

It's very easy to use from both an admin and subscriber perspective.

What modules do you use in the app?

We are currently using the News, Coupons, Map, YouTube, and Instagram modules, but we may also consider swapping one or two of them with the other available modules to test which gets more impressions.

What are your goals for the app?

The first goal is to increase our subscriber downloads! We want to really ramp up the Coupon module which will contribute as value added for our advertisers, while making it easy for app subscribers to use the coupons at points of sale. Our overall goal is for the app to be a quick snapshot of what OSI is about and its mission.

What kind of notifications are you sending out to users?

Currently, we are only using push notifications for new coupons. A monthly email is sent out to our email subscribers alerting them of a new edition of The Connector that includes an interactive .pdf of The Connector and a call to action prompting download of The Connector app.

Any additional remarks?

Purple Deck Media's staff is wonderful to work with! They've been very patient and thorough with any questions we've had.

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