5 Mobile App Features That Increase Value

02/14/2017  |  Jess Malick

A mobile app is a unique and customizable way to promote a business. MobileDeck by Purple Deck is an affordable, easy and effective way to build a mobile app for a business. There are many ways that having a mobile app can increase value for a business and their customers. Here are five mobile app features that are also offered within MobileDeck that do so.

Push notifications are an excellent way to personally reach out to users of the app. Push notifications double user retention in an app, according to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). They allow for a business to keep their customers up to date. They can remind a user of important updates, promotions and events, videos and more. Notifications do all of these things, while keeping the user engaged with your brand. MobileDeck offers push notifications, and they have taken MobileDeck users' apps to the next level.

Adding rich video content in a mobile app can enhance a business's marketing strategy. Videos in an app can be used to increase engagement within the app. In the U.S., one in three consumers watch video on their smartphones, according to a report by eMarketer. Users are spending a lot of time on their phones watching videos, so adding it to a business's mobile app will reach out to more consumers. MobileDeck offers YouTube and Vimeo features within their apps. These are great features to offer additional content to users of the app.

Social Interaction is key in keeping app users engaged. Smartphone users are spending more and more of their days checking social media, so having a social media platform in a mobile app is likely to increase the amount of time users spend in the app. MobileDeck offers businesses the option to add an Instagram, Twitter or Flickr feed to their app.

Another important piece to a well-created mobile app is to have regular updated Content Management System (CMS). Building an app should not be something that is created and then never looked at again. It needs to constantly be updated in order for users to stay interested in it. MobileDeck allows creation of an app in minutes and can be updated in seconds. MobileDeck is easy to use and the apps are built from pieces selected by the creator. The software also allows for dynamic content and a News feature, so you are constantly having fresh content delivered to the users.

Finally, offering great deals on a mobile app can help drive sales within the business through the mobile app. Sending users a push notification that a promotion is running in the store will remind them to stop in, and offering coupons to local businesses can drive traffic within the app. MobileDeck offers the option to have a Coupons feature within the app.

Purple Deck Media is a software as a service developer with their flagship product being MobileDeck. MobileDeck is a complete package for small businesses to create a mobile app, update it, and have full access to use location based interaction tools such as beacons, geofences, and now HD Interactive videos thanks to our partners at Rendrfx!