Proximity Treasure Hunt with Purple Deck

01/11/2017  |  Jess Malick

Recently, the developers at Purple Deck did an internal presentation of their new software update of MobileDeck Proximity - push notifications, beacons and geofences. The purpose was for the developers and marketing teams to introduce the new software update to management. Rather than starting off with a PowerPoint presentation or just simply talking, they made it interactive for everyone! The software update was internally introduced with a state of the art, interactive treasure hunt.

The company split into two teams, and a notification was sent to the company intra-office app saying that the treasure hunt was ready to begin. When the notification was clicked on, the app was launched and the treasure hunt began!

It was an interactive treasure hunt throughout multiple floors of Scotland Campus, where Purple Deck's office is located. The app would continuously send notifications while the app was running with new clues, a map, and updates, using the push notification and beacon technology. There was also sound built into the scavenger hunt - when you were near one of the beacons, a scream sound automatically played on your phone with the notification! It was something that the teams did not know would be included, so it was a fun surprise.

When the phone was near a Bluetooth beacon, a notification would pop up with a picture of where exactly the clue was hidden. Once a team found the clue, they would find a box and collected it. Each one had a prize inside, and it was a race to see which team could collect more boxes! Can you imagine the office competitiveness?

After the treasure hunt was finished, the teams and developers got back together, where everyone opened all of the boxes to see what prizes were inside them. Wow, we won some goofy stuff! This was followed by the developers who then gave a presentation on the new software and what exactly it can do for clients. This presentation was a creative way to be introduced to the new software. We love to be innovative at Purple Deck, not only internal, but for our customers.