Tuscarora Mt Winery Evolves with Purple Deck

01/06/2017  |  Jess Malick

Purple Deck has evolved a lot within the past year, and some businesses have been there with us every step of the way. One of these businesses is Tuscarora Mt Winery, a local business in Chambersburg, Pa. It is family owned and operated, and features over 24 varieties of wine that are made with fresh and local ingredients.

Tuscarora Mt Winery started using Purple Deck's products in its early stages, beginning with a MobileDeck app. The app features a map with information on the winery's location, contact info, a bio about what they do, and the store hours. It also has a products section, where users can browse the types of wine that are currently available in the store. There are also coupons for the winery, news updates and their Instagram feed.

When Purple Deck launched push notifications, the winery automatically was able to use them within their app. The winery uses them for special updates about wines coming in, or to send out custom messages to users of the app! Sue Hadley, owner of the winery, says "I am not a computer person, but Purple Deck's products are very friendly... This is all helping my business and making me feel like I am making it happen."

Now, the winery is fully upgraded with Purple Deck's MobileDeck Proximity technology, which includes beacons and geofences. The beacons are used when customers who have the app enter and leave the store, welcoming them or thanking them for stopping in. The geofences are used in surrounding areas reminding customers to return to the winery.

"I think they are fantastic - customers get a notification when they come in and when they leave. Very fun! I just changed the geofence to say Happy New Year - so easy to use," says Sue on the recent changes regarding beacons and geofences.
"Love it - everyone should have your products. I am up with the times," says Sue. Sue has been with Purple Deck every step of the way! Your business can also "get with the times" and use Purple Deck's advanced technologies. Check out www.purpledeck.com today to get started!