Purple Deck Launches Location-Based Technologies

12/16/2016  |  Jess Malick

Purple Deck is excited to announce their advancement with new features - beacons and geofences! These technologies are revolutionizing today's market. They are changing the way that mobile advertising and apps are run, making it easier to connect with your customers.

A recent report by Markets and Markets showed that location-based services (such as beacons and geofences) are expected to grow from $8.12 billion in 2014 to $39.87 billion in 2019. That is a huge increase, and a reason why companies should be taking this chance to use them for their business.

Beacons and geofences are two tools that are taking mobile apps to the next level. Both of these tools can serve the same purpose, but work in unique ways. One may work better than the other for your business, but it's also possible for both to give you benefits. With your app powered by MobileDeck Proximity, you can leverage both of these technologies, tailored to your business needs.

Beacons deliver content based on location using small Bluetooth devices. Smartphones that are nearby give out targeted content, such as coupons, videos or upcoming events. They are a perfect interactive marketing and advertising tool for all businesses.

Geofences are a bit different- these are virtual zones based on an address. When a customer goes through an area, you can send them a message, such as one welcoming them to your venue. This is great to use for a business to get an advantage over competitors. You can set up a geofence around another local, similar business that will direct customers to your app and remind them to come back to you!

Companies have already begun using the technologies, and are excited about what it's doing for their businesses. Creekside, Madison & Brookside Court Apartments in Shippensburg, Pa. jumped on the opportunity to use MobileDeck's new integrated feature. Beacons welcome visitors into the office with a custom greeting, and allow the customer to directly launch the installed app. The app includes coupons for local businesses, events and important reminders for residents.

Tuscarora Mountain Winery in Chambersburg, Pa. is another company that was excited to start using both beacons and geofences. Visitors are directed to coupons when they enter the winery, and leave with a message thanking them for visiting. The winery is also strategically placing geofences around the local area to let customers know that they are missed in the winery.

Purple Deck strives to increase the availability, security and delivery of information across mobile platforms. Beacons and geofences help us do just that.

The new technologies at Purple Deck are dynamic. Beacons and geofences are able to be changed at any time - from the actual content of the message to how often you want it to be sent out! Purple Deck has reached beyond what the markets are currently doing by adding MobileDeck Proximity while maintaining a user-friendly software. They are keeping it simple for customer to business interactivity.

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