4 Reasons Why Event Planners Love Mobile Apps

12/02/2016  |  Jess Malick

A mobile app is every event planner's dream come true. It allows for all the small details of your event to be right at everyone's fingertips. From events to conferences, your attendees can constantly stay up-to-date.

In today's digital age, people are almost always on their phone. According to a recent study, 90% of the U.S. population between 18 and 34 own a smartphone. So, a mobile app almost guarantees that your attendees will know exactly what is going on throughout an event. Additionally, another study shows that 87% of people's mobile time is spent in apps and those mobile users spend over three hours a day in mobile apps.

Here are four reasons how every event planner can benefit from having a mobile app:

1. Announcements can be made through push notifications.
Have you ever tried to quiet a room of crowded people? It can be very awkward and difficult to do. Some events have multiple speakers going on at once, and muffled speakers or rushed announcements through a microphone are usually ignored. Push notifications can allow planners to instantly inform attendees about changes or important happenings, even when they aren't in the app.

2. Attendees have all the information they need at their fingertips.
Simply using paper for event times just isn't cutting it anymore - people lose them, forget to check them and if there is a last-minute time change or cancellation, the attendees would not know about it. This can be fixed by using a mobile app!

3. You can guide attendees to your event.
Through a GeoFence, you can direct your attendees to step-by-step directions on their phones telling them how close they are to the event. You can also use Beacons to send out more targeted content, like a welcome message when they walk into the event!

4. Analytics allow you to track your app's progress.
Analytics can be beneficial through all phases of your event... before, during and after! You can see what worked and what didn't work, as well as popular parts of the app. This then allows event planners to make any needed changes to the app instantly, improve the attendees' experience and get experience and knowledge for your next event.

The best company to choose for your event's mobile app is Purple Deck. They have a platform called MobileDeck that is easy to use, affordable and customizable! One of the best parts about MobileDeck is that you will get unrestricted access to your app's analytics. You are able to see data such as how many people downloaded it, what devices they're using it on, what content they visit most and more.

Contact Purple Deck today about building an app for your next event and see your dreams come true!