Purple Deck's MobileDeck Platform Launches Push Notifications

11/03/2016  |  Jess Malick

Purple Deck is excited to announce a powerful new feature for their mobile app creator, MobileDeck! Consistently engaging users is important because it reminds them of a business's product or service, while giving them a reason to keep the app on their phone. In this new launch, current and new MobileDeck subscribers get the added capability of being able to send push notifications to their users.

Now as customers add content to their mobile app, their users will receive a notification no matter where they are. This allows for seamless and instant communication with customers. As subscribers add a YouTube video, event, news story, coupon or other content to their app, they can choose for users to receive a notification when they are updated. Unlike a website, this technology reaches out to users and instantly updates them. In addition to the automatic notifications for new content, MobileDeck subscribers can also send out custom messages.

The MobileDeck platform is very easy to use subscribers sign up, brand their app, select the features they want and click publish. It allows any business, individual or organization to easily create a mobile app and have it submitted to both iOS and Android devices. Even after the app is submitted to the app stores, its content can be updated at any time. The platform is unique in the way that it can be customized for virtually any business vertical, and some examples of that can be seen from the MobileDeck product page. MobileDeck apps provide an elegant presentation that is incredibly affordable, effective and simple for subscribers to use. The best way of marketing a business is by telling your story as it relates to your brand and customers. This is a great tool to accomplish that mission.

Last year, a study showed a 171% increase in app engagement with users who had push notifications enabled versus those who did not. Push notifications engage users and are proven to be an effective tool to attract users to your app.

Purple Deck CEO, James Sulfare, says, "The launch of this feature within MobileDeck is a huge win for businesses of all sizes. With MobileDeck, our subscribers get a mobile app, a communication tool and a way to reach out to their customers across the top two platforms. How many companies can honestly say that they can develop a mobile app with the ability for you to send push notifications, and not charge you thousands of dollars?"

With push technology providing higher levels of customer engagement than email newsletters and other forms of digital advertising, this is a huge advantage to MobileDeck subscribers. How can push notifications help you to engage with your customers?