9th Annual PrintROCKS! Convention Goes Digital

10/03/2016  |  Jessica Malick & Carly Chronister

Print media is rejuvenating itself by bringing new technologies to the industry. At PrintROCKS 9th annual convention on September 16th, 2016, they introduced NFC TapLive technology powered by Purple Deck. Individuals from all over attended the convention in Downtown Vancouver, Washington. The convention celebrated print as it is breaking through the airwaves and delivering a visual, tactile and interactive quality like no other. The day consisted of People's Choice Award voting, a PrintROCKS introduction and dinner, raffles, a photo booth, a live DJ and much more.

The theme for the 9th annual PrintROCKS convention was all about the amazing powers of print and those who work within the industry. These industries endure, thrive and grow despite mounting challenges. Print is quickly finding a renaissance as the breakthrough medium which integrates digital presence with explosive, colorful delivery.

This year, PrintROCKS revamped the voting process with NFC technologies for their People's Choice Awards. Using a smart phone device, attendees were able to "tap" to access the survey. The nominees would then pop up and they were able to vote for the entry they would like to nominate. Attendees eagerly wait to receive their annual PrintROCKS book, which reveals the winners.

Along with the winners of the People's Choice awards, these books also contain a list of sponsors, information about the convention and more. The cover of this year's book is printed on a 13pt Powercoat paper with NFC embedment, which is powered by Purple Deck's TapLive software and managed by Pacific Printing Industries (PPI) staff. With the wave of a smart phone, individuals can view a video showcasing the top entries of this year's PrintROCKS. After the show, it provides the opportunity for individuals to look at event photos and other information. All of this was made possible by Arjowiggins Paper and Purple Deck, who allowed PrintROCKS to showcase the possibilities of NFC to attendees and their customers.

Content delivery possibilities are endless when you merge the printing industry with NFC. Purple Deck's platform allows the consumer to be in full control with their TapLive technology, prompting them to websites, video, additional event information and more.

Attendees will hold onto these books longer than they did in previous years because of the dynamic interaction that it provides. "Swag" bags containing NFC enabled keychains were also provided to attendees. With each tap of the keychain, analytics were recorded to track its use.

The PrintROCKS tags in the book and keychains were still being tapped within a couple weeks after the event. Those, including the stickers for voting, were tapped 142 times total, with 71 unique visits. The book was tapped from locations coast to coast, including Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and New Jersey. A tag was also tapped in Paris, France.

For more information on the PrintROCKS convention, please visit PrintROCKS.com.

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