Purple Deck Media Completes Successful Inventory Management Pilot Using NFC

09/23/2016  |  Jess Malick

Purple Deck Media, Inc is proud to announce the successful pilot completion of an inventory management system. Tested and implemented with IMI Products, the objective was to provide a more cost effective and streamlined approach to inventory management using NFC technology.

IMI Products, located in Chambersburg, Pa., is completely changing the way inventory is tracked in their warehouses. IMI began a pilot using Purple Deck Media's TapLive technology to keep track of their inventory, and it has saved them hundreds of hours and a great deal of money. Since the completion of the project, IMI Products has committed to furthering the expansion and use of Purple Deck Media's TapLive platform in their warehouses. TapLive uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows for short-range communication between an NFC tag and mobile devices.

IMI's inventory system using TapLive is simple. All they have to do is touch their phone to an NFC sticker that is located on the inventory rack, and then enter the total number of items for that SKU. At the end of the day, the inventory manager then exports that day's report to a CSV file to upload into their SAGE software.

IMI's goals for the pilot were to increase accuracy, accelerate speed, realize opportunity cost savings and import to SAGE. After an evaluation of the pilot, all of these goals were achieved.

Within their pilot testing, one of their inventory systems that took an hour before NFC, was cut down to about ten minutes. It saved them from having to do hours of paperwork and having to go back and forth to multiple locations when taking inventory. "NFC technology can change the entire world of how inventory is done," says Joshua Campbell, Purchasing and Inventory Agent for IMI.

Some alternatives that IMI looked at before deciding on NFC were bar codes and RFID. However, these solutions are costly, time consuming to implement and are not very accurate in reporting. NFC is also much less expensive.
The other great thing that IMI noticed from using NFC is that it is live. If you use bar codes, you cannot change them unless you rip it off and put on a new one. With NFC, as soon as you change something in the system, it is automatically changed in the NFC tags. "That's the great thing about Purple Deck Media you can access it anywhere with an internet connection," says Campbell.

IMI hopes to do a lot more with NFC after the pilot. They would like to have all of their inventory, outside warehouses and two vehicles equipped with NFC. Outside manufacturers would also be using the same tag that they are using, so that IMI will not have to call them anymore to check inventory they can just look at the software. They also hope to use NFC for asset tracking and product development by customers.

About TapLive
TapLive is an NFC management system that simplifies mobile interaction for content delivery, inventory management, and more. It allows for full control over NFC tags with content changes on-the-fly, without reprogramming deployed tags. Content or inventory is managed and delivered through their end to end encrypted system.