PA Right to Work Making Steps to Educate Youth with Mobile Application

09/16/2016  |  Jess Malick

Pennsylvanians for Right to Work, Inc. (PARTW) has taken a powerful step in lobbying PA state legislators by launching a MobileDeck app powered by Purple Deck. PARTW attempts to get a law passed that would put an end to workers being forced to join a union, or pay dues to a union, to get and keep their jobs. They also educate workers on what exactly their union rights are.

This new app makes it easier for PARTW to communicate with members rather than having to rely solely on e-mail. One way the app already does this is through the news feature, so members are constantly being updated on current events and important articles about unions. Starting in mid-October, the app will start sending out notifications to everyone who downloads it. This will better educate people on the steps that PARTW is making to better Pennsylvanians' work rights.
Along with the news feature, there is a YouTube feature that gives educational videos and webinars, a map feature that gives directions to the office and any events PARTW may hold, and a Twitter feature to stream all of their account's tweets. With MobileDeck's user-friendly platform, PARTW is hoping to grow their membership by making the app a resource for people to constantly get the most up-to-date information.

Barbara Moran, Executive Director of PARTW says, "Our new mobile app is a great new tool to better reach our audience, and most importantly it is so easy to use." With today's youth aggressively interacting on their cellphones, the app now allows them to effectively educate the younger generations about the issue of unions.

"Non-profits and companies are looking at MobileDeck more seriously. The need for a mobile application has expanded with the boom of the millennial generation. Over the last three years, we have seen an exponential increase in mobile app usage. All organizations can benefit from a mobile application, but the barrier is the high development costs that can exceed tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why we founded Purple Deck â to provide organizations the tools to have applications for both iOS and Android. They're easy to maintain and cost as low as $500 to get started," stated COO Nathan Neil.

The growth and need for a mobile application is real and PARTW is making a huge step by launching one. A recent Pew Research Center survey had found that in the last four years, mobile app usage has increased by 35%. Another study by The U.S. Mobile App report found that over 10% of a user's time on a phone is used doing business research. Younger generations go to their phones for information. PARTW knows that, so they are giving information in a way that people want to receive it.