Ditch Boring Business Cards with NFC

03/04/2016  |  Hunter Wolfe

After you read this, you're going to want to throw out every business card you own. Guaranteed.

Tonight, you're representing your company at a business mixer in the city. You're wearing your best dress and your nicest jewelry, because you want to make a good impression. At the event, a man representing the company you're trying to connect with makes an appearance. One of your hands is in position for a well-practiced handshake, and the other fumbles about for one of the numerous business cards you brought along with you. You shake his hand, you exchange some words, you slide your business card into his hand and then you never hear back from him again.

There are a number of things that could have happened. Maybe you didn't send a follow-up email or connect with him on LinkedIn (hint: do those), but maybe when he looked through those business cards later, yours just didn't stand out.

This is the part where you throw out those old pieces of paper, because with an NFC-enabled business card, those crucial cardstock cutouts will never get lost in the crowd again.

Imagine being handed a business card, and instead of having to exchange phones and type in a name, number, and email, you could just tap your phone to the card to have that information saved almost instantaneously to your mobile device, saving you time and making you look impressive to your new contacts. Having NFC-enabled business cards shows that you and your company are on top of current trends in technology. It's both memorable and unique. It sparks those same emotions that people get when they open the box to their new tablet or phone.

If you could deliver all those emotions and look impressive by just giving someone a business card, what are you waiting for? Ditch those old cards today.

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